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4 Feb.    University of Leicester announces that the remains exhumed from the Social Services car park on 5 September 2012 are 

               those of Richard III. Channel 4 screens The King in the Car Park.

5 Feb.    Richard III Society unveils the world’s only facial reconstruction of Richard III, commissioned and funded by the Society.

7 Feb.    Leicester Guildhall exhibition opens, Bishop of Leicester announces that York Minster has given Leicester Cathedral its                            blessing.

11 Feb.  Updated edition of John Ashdown-Hill’s book The Last Days of Richard III and the Fate of his DNA – the book that inspired the 

               dig published by The History Press.

13 Feb.  In a Leicester Mercury on-line poll 69% of respondents oppose the University of Leicester’s plans to put Richard’s remains on 

               public display.

14 Feb.  In a Leicester Mercury on-line poll 79% of respondents approve the newly released LFR tomb design.

19 Feb.  Lawyers acting on behalf of Philippa Langley write to the University of Leicester regarding the proposed public display of the 

               remains and putting the university on notice of clause 5.7 of her agreement.

Mar. 1    Mediation meeting between Philippa Langley and Richard Taylor of the University of Leicester, with Phil Stone (Richard III 

               Society) and Sarah Levitt (LCC) present

3 Mar.    Phil Stone and Philippa Langley meet with a religious house to plan transfer of Richard’s remains prior to reburial. Leicester 

              Cathedral rejects LFR tomb design.

12 Mar. At Westminster Hall, Hugh Bayley, MP for York Central, argues that the burial place of Richard III ‘is not a decision that should 

              be delegated to a group of academics at Leicester University’, proposes consultative body.

13 Mar.  Leicester Cathedral publishes a ‘Brief for Architects’ expressing a strong preference to ‘mark the place of burial with a 

               ledger stone’.

14 Mar.  In a Leicester Mercury on-line poll 91% of respondents and 92% on radio Leicester believe Richard III should be honoured 

               with a tomb.

26 Mar.  Application for Judicial Review lodged by lawyers in Leeds on behalf of the Plantagenet Alliance (PA) against the Ministry of 

              Justice, which granted the exhumation licence to the University of Leicester.

27 Mar.  Sir Peter Soulsby describes the PA’s legal challenge as ‘absurd’. Richard Taylor, University of Leicester, describes the action 

               as ‘tosh’.

10 Apr.  John Ashdown-Hill presses the Leicester Cathedral authorities for a raised tomb, a burial liturgy which would take account of 

              Richard III’s religion, and funeral crown for his coffin.

12 Apr.  Revised edition of Annette Carson’s Richard III: The Maligned King is published by The History Press, containing results of the 

              LFR search.

15 Apr.  Canon Mandy Ford (Leicester Cathedral) accepts John Ashdown-Hill’s plans for a funeral crown as his gift to Richard III

19 Apr.  Phil Stone and David and Wendy Johnson inform Leicester Cathedral that a raised tomb is the only appropriate memorial for 

              Richard III.

8 May    Leicester Cathedral’s Fabric Group requires the remains to be ‘conserved for posterity and accessible for future study’.

1 July    Annette Carson publishes Richard III: A Small Guide to the Great Debate.

16 July  Leicester Cathedral Fabric Task Group approves John Ashdown-Hill’s design for the funeral crown, and agrees that it should 

              be made to fit Richard III’s head size.

19 July  Leicester Cathedral abandons plans for a ledger stone and announces that Richard III will be buried beneath a raised tomb.

12 Aug. Annette Carson commissioned to work on text for Richard III Visitor Centre.

16 Aug. Mr Justice Haddon-Cave grants the Plantagenet Alliance a judicial review.

22 Aug. David Monteith, Dean of Leicester Cathedral, informs Philippa Langley he will consider the transfer of Richard’s remains to 

               the religious house and the anatomical placement within the coffin.

31 Aug. Leicester Mercury misquotes Philippa Langley.

2 Sept.  Leicester Mercury omits key lines from statement by Professor Mark Ormrod.

5 Sept.  Leicester Mercury misquotes Phil Stone.

6 Sept.  The Dean of York Minster writes in the Minster Bulletin that, ‘The Chapter of York welcomes [Mr Justice Haddon-Cave’s] 

              proposal for an independent advisory panel to develop informed recommendations, and for a prompt resolution’.

19 Sept. Leicester Mercury claims Phil Stone has described Leicester Cathedral’s tomb design as ‘utterly inspired’. The Richard III 

               Society states ‘the quotation did not apply to the deeply incised block that forms the cover of the tomb’.

24 Sept. In reaction against the Cathedral’s tomb design, members of the Richard III Society withdraw donations originally intended                      for the LFR tomb.

24 Sept. E-petition for re-interment in York Minster closes with 31,341signatures.

25 Sept. In a Leicester Mercury on-line poll 78% of respondents dislike Leicester Cathedral’s tomb design.

2 Oct.     The King’s Grave by Philippa Langley and Michael Jones launched at the Guildhall in Leicester.

3 Oct.     Leicester Cathedral approves a sample section of Richard III’s funeral crown, submitted by John Ashdown-Hill’s jeweller.

8 Oct.     David Monteith, Dean of Leicester Cathedral, informs Philippa Langley that Richard’s remains will not be transferred to the 

               religious house.  They will stay at the university where they will be prepared for reburial by being preserved in an 

               ossuary box which may enable future exhumation and further scientific examination.

15 Oct.   Leicester Cathedral e-petition closes at 34,431, defeating York Minster’s e-petition by three thousand. 

               More than 75% signed up during the six and a half weeks of the Leicester Mercury campaign. .

11 Nov. Cathedral Fabric Commission for England (CFCE) refuses to approve Leicester Cathedral’s re-interment plans.

19 Nov. Richard III – the King under the Car Park launched by ULAS.

26 Nov.  Judicial Review adjourned after Leicester City Council claims custodianship of Richard III and is joined as co-defendant by 

               order of the court. LCC guarantees public consultation.

12 Dec.  Leicester City Council renounces its claim to determine where Richard III is interred.


22 Jan.  Representatives of the Richard III Society fail to reach agreement with Leicester Cathedral over their tomb design.

28 Jan.  Leicester Cathedral’s plans for a new sculpture commemorating Richard III are greeted with almost unanimous disapproval 

              by Leicester Mercury readers.

6 Feb.    Philippa Langley discusses failure to transfer Richard’s remains to a place of rest and holy sanctity on BBC Look North and 

               BBC Midlands Today.

12 Feb.  An outcry follows media reports stating that the University of Leicester scientists have unilaterally decided to take 

               destructive samples from Richard III’s remains without consent for non-essential research purposes.

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